lørdag den 24. september 2011

Free Fancy Fruit Bowl

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reuse parts from an old washing mashine

The glass from the washer was turned into a pretty and useful bowl.
The old washer couldn't wash any more and it wouldn't pay off to get it mended.
I removed some screws from the door to get the glass out.
After scrubbing off the chalk and rests of soap very carefully I went outside to clean it for invisible grease etc.
with a cloth and some acetone, after that I only touched the bowl at the edge to avoid fingerprints.
The bowl was now ready to be decorated with 3 different colors of glass paint applied with a half stiff paint brush.
I used white, pink and lilac mother of pearl self hardening (without heat) glass paint and painted with broad loose strokes - but it will also give a fantastic effect to apply some paint with a sponge.
Before you start decorating the glass you can make some tests of different patterns and effects on a piece of paper.
The most important thing is that you use color(s) which fits into the room where you want to use your new bowl.
Use it for fruit or bread in the kitchen, for your knit or crochet work or just a couple of yarn balls as a decorative input in your living room.

Look for worn out washing mashines at the recycling depots - if you don't want to wait for your own to break ;-)

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